An experienced agent can help you buy or sell your property in Mt Wellington. There are a variety of top real estate agents available in this area such as Barfoot & Thompson, Oyster Property Group, and Oyster Property Group.

Ray White Realty

The property at 68 Walters Road Mount Wellington, Auckland 1062 is just more than 50 years old. Ray White Exact Realty is selling the property freehold for $970,000. The market for real estate in the region has seen a steady rise in property and population over the last few years. You are also able to travel from the property to Auckland’s CBD or Westfield. The property, located at 68 Walters Road, Mount Wellington is equipped with one parking space. This is the home of numerous agents, and you won’t find a shortage of them. Ray White Exact Realty is a well-respected name in the field. The family-owned company is a expert in all aspects of real estate, from commercial and residential homes to luxury lifestyle blocks. They are proud of their outstanding customer care and are committed to achieving the best results for each of their clients.

Candace Williams

Candace is a very professional agent with a wealth of experience in the Mt Wellington and Otahuhu areas.

The company is committed to finding the perfect person for the home they want. The company is represented by offices located in Ellerslie, Mount Wellington and Ellerslie. A team of experienced professionals, Ray White Exact Realty is able to deliver outcomes. A team of experts to assist you is the ideal method to ensure your home is secure. Call Ray White Exact Realty today If you’re looking to rent, buy or sell your home. The property located at 68 Walters Road, Mount Wellington 1062 is a home that you’ll feel proud to be the owner of. The company was founded in 2005 and is now the biggest independent agent for real estate in the region.

Barfoot & Thompson

Barfoot & Thompson, New Zealand’s largest privately owned real estate firm, founded in 1923 under the names Val Barfoot Land Agent and Val Barfoot Land Agent. The company was established in 1923 by Val Barfoot and her brother, Kelland Barfoot. Barfoot Bros was formed in 1934 when they formed a partnership with Maurice Thompson. The business was changed to Barfoot & Thompson in 1940.

Barfoot & Thompson has its headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. The family-owned business is specialized in commercial and residential property. The company employs more than 1,700 salespeople. Barfoot & Thompson are looking for people to sell their services within Mt Wellington and Panmure. The firm is looking for those with strong knowledge of administration and property. management.

In 2014, the Real Estate Agents Authority found the company guilty of unsatisfactory behavior. The reason for this was its policy that allowed agents to negotiate directly between buyers and sellers. The Real Estate Agents Act imposes requirements on agents who sell real estate, such as getting independent appraisals for property. However, it does not include all the obligations that agents have in a position in conflict. If they are an agent, for example they are not able to purchase a home without the written permission from the seller. Barfoot and Thompson permit their agents to reach out to sellers directly as per their policies.

The report was not satisfactory since it did not allow clients to decide for themselves. In its report, the Real Estate Agents Authority said it was insufficient to protect clients. However, Barfoot and Thompson maintains that their policy is in line with the industry norms. Barfoot and Thompson director Peter Thompson Peter Thompson has stated Peter Thompson said that Barfoot and Thompson are currently changing their policy.

Two complaints were lodged in 2013 to the real estate agent. Barfoot’s and Thompsons behaviour didn’t comply with the Real Estate Agents Act requirements as per the Real Estate Agents Authority complaint assessment committee. The committee decided to impose an amount of $2500 as a penalty. The company engaged in real estate wasn’t offered the opportunity to appeal the decision to the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal.

Barfoot & Thompson’s compliance officer informed the company that it is in compliance with its obligations to its vendors and customers. The real estate company has been using a vendor consent form for over 40 years. If there was an unfavourable decision, the firm maintained its position. According to the Real Estate Agents Authority chief, it was subject to an exhaustive examination.

Two old Waikato sellers claimed an agent sold the property to a buyer at $1 million more than what they had asked. Aaron John Hughes was the agent who sold the house for $1 million. Hughes was not fulfilling his job duties by doing this. Hughes was also responsible for the drafting of the sale purchase contract, but did it without informing sellers.

Oyster Property Group

Of the many real estate firms that operate in the capital city, Oyster Property Group is one of the most well-known and trusted. Oyster Property Group was formed in the year 1950 and is still managed by the same family. Their employees have extensive experience in property as in asset management as. Oyster manages office and industrial property throughout New Zealand. Oyster collaborates with both institutions and private equity to manage several property funds. Oyster is a specialist in the structuring and structuring of property funds, as well as equity fundraising.

Oyster Direct Property Fund is Oyster Property Group’s most popular product. It is diversified and manages more than 20 property funds. Oyster Direct Property Fund has the highest rate of gross dividend of the New Zealand listed funds. The property fund is a great choice for investors looking for stable income streams. The fund is able to provide greater than 6% in annual return.

Other notable accomplishments that belong to the Oyster Property Group are the fact that it is New Zealand’s largest commercial real estate property manager. It manages mandates for third party property owners as well as more than 20 investments in property funds. Their tech-savvy staff is among the top in the nation. They are the sole commercial property managers that use drones for monitoring their portfolio.

The firm also has a robust construction team which is led by Simon Ladd and David Chisnall. The property and construction team are currently involved in leasing transactions and significant infrastructure projects. They are also proud to have signed the largest Pre-paid Ground Lease.

The branding of the business has been substantially altered. The company has acquired a large rent roll, and also launched a series of large-scale advertising campaigns. They’re happy to be part the community and enjoy a strong community spirit that’s been going on for a long time. The business is one of the most well-known real estate companies. They wish to preserve the company’s status as the top area to live in the area in the near future.

Oyster Property Group is the most well-known commercial property management company that is of this type in New Zeeland. It also manages more than 20 funds of property. It is the nation’s most prominent fund manager. It is the only property manager to be in a position to work with both institutional capital as well as private equity firms in commercial realty.

There’s no doubt that the Oyster Property Group’s property and construction personnel have won several awards and acknowledgement in recognition of their work. They also had the distinction of being named the top New Zealand building and property firm by The New Zealand Property Awards for the past six years. They also received the honor of being voted the best real estate business for their service to customers.