The Michigan Gaming Association is overjoyed to learn that Golden Nugget Casino will bring their live dealer product to our state! It’s finally here, after weeks of speculation. Following the passing of laws authorising such activity last year, gamblers have been relentless in engaging in online casinos; we’ve seen significant success with this trend extending into 2017. We can’t wait for these games to go online in one area so that other gamblers in Michigander provinces can enjoy them as well!”

Golden Nugget has long been a popular online casino in the United States, particularly in New Jersey, where it operates its flagship land-based casino. Live dealer casinos have also proven to be highly popular with Michigan residents in recent months, with stats indicating that competitors there enjoyed encouraging revenue levels from their live player offers!

How will this be accomplished?

Golden Nugget’s decision to debut a live dealer product is significant, and they are banking on their connection with the leading provider of Live Casino Software. The Swedish company has established itself in Michigan, where it will be able to deliver not only sophisticated games but also some top talent!

Jeff Millar, Evolution Gaming’s Commercial Director for North America, reacted warmly to the news, stating that it was a watershed moment in the company’s history. He also mentioned how working with Golden Nugget, one of America’s most powerful online gambling brands, will allow them to show off what they’re capable of doing even more than before, with all of these enormous opportunities now available!

Evolution Gaming’s purpose-built studio in Michigan is the company’s 11th live casino facility in North America, having received regulatory approval from state regulators. Many amazing prospects await both players and staff at the new location!
The interior of the facility has open floor plans with plenty of lounging places, as well as windows overlooking downtown Detroit, so you can watch the action while gambling your savings away – without ever having to leave!

What can players expect?

As the greatest spot to play live casino in Michigan, Golden Nugget offers some of their most popular games, such as blackjack, baccarat, and craps. If you’re searching for something a little more exotic, there’s also roulette!

An Evolution Gaming dealer is one of the greatest ways to experience a live casino. They have several games in their repertory, including Deal or No Deal and Dreamcatcher!

Evolution Gaming establishes itself

Following their incredibly successful, if somewhat surprising, merger/acquisition of rival NetEnt, the company has gone from strength to strength and has clearly targeted the US market as one in which they can develop significant ties. As online gambling laws continue to relax in the United States, this presents an ideal opportunity for software providers such as Evolution Gaming, which is distinct from other companies that provide gaming services internationally or domestically alike in that it offers games both instantly on your computer or mobile device, as well as live dealer options where ot desktop browser (Safari), Chrome|Firefox|IE tabs), and smartphone app store downloads, including Apple iPhones ® ip

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